The Butler Monologues

By Alchemy Theatre Company (other events)

6 Dates Through Sep 22, 2019

In this WORLD PREMIER, multi-ending, murder mystery there is trouble at Igor Acres, where some of the most well known, infamous, and iconic butlers now reside. Called together by a mysterious person, this unlikely band of squabbling servants must figure out who is blackmailing them into committing murder by midnight or face certain exposure of their sordid past indiscretions. Tensions build until one of them is murdered with only one solution, the butler did it. Enter a certain friendly ex-maid to a very Brady family, now detective for the FBI, who shows up to solve the cryptic crime. The audience is certain to have a bloody good time in this hilarious look at the unsung servants of some of our favorite families, super-heroes, and transsexual aliens.